What Is Yoga All About?

Yoga? – Exploring Its Health Benefits

If your desire is to have a flexible body that is slim and fit with your thoughts focused, then you need Yoga. Yoga offers all of these and even more. The origin of yoga can be traced to thousands of years ago in the northern regions of India; the word ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite’ or ‘to join.

Yoga is a spiritual practice that aims at harmonizing the body and the mind. It has different styles which combine different breathing techniques, different physical body 4postures, meditation, and relaxation. Over the years, yoga has evolved and been influenced by culture such that ancient loincloth used during a yoga session is now replaced by leggings or yoga pant and even the use of yoga equipment have been adopted.

Today, yoga is popularly known as a form of exercise than as a spiritual practice. It is commonly practiced amongyoung women as a means to enhance one’s total wellbeing and get the best out of the body and the mind.

Yoga has different forms ranging from Ashtanga yoga to Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Jivamukti yoga, Viniyoga yoga, Restorative yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, Kundalini yoga, Sivananda and even to Yin yoga. Even though these styles are different none is known to be superior or better than the other, they have different things to achieve and yet have a common goal. Choosing a particular style to adopt depends on fitness level and exposure to yoga.

What do you stand to gain by practicing Yoga?

Yoga has been linked to lots of benefits ranging from medical to health, the gains of this practice have been linked to its growing popularity across cultures and civilizations. These benefits include but are not restricted to the following:

Freedom from anxiety and depression

Yoga in medical quarters is known to be a form of body-mind intervention which helps to keep the body in a great shape to cope with anxiety. It helps keep the body away from sliding into depression or indulgence into drugs, overeating or any detrimental activity to relieve stress.



Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Deliberately engaging in yoga encourages you to move your body more. These movements enable you to burn calories. It further enables you to address weight issues right from the inside, from the deepest level. With yoga, you can be sure to be conscious of your weight not unto anxiety but towards healthy eating.

Increases your focus

Studies reveal that people who engage in yoga have great control over their thoughts at every moment. They have a good memory, great coordination, and even high IQ scores. So to be in charge, minimize distractions, sessions of yoga will be very helpful.

Lowers your blood sugar levels

Yoga helps keep sugar levels at a very minimal level that is quite healthy.it achieves this even in diabetic patients by keeping adrenaline and cortisol levels at a normal level. This encourages weight loss and improves the sensitivity of the body to insulin.

Enhances body flexibility and muscle strength

With consistent yoga sessions, your body becomes flexible which enables it to eliminates every kind of painin your body. Also, it boosts the strength of your muscles and minimizes the risk from suffering from arthritis and other forms of pain.

Other benefits of yoga include the relaxation of the body system, improvement of the body stamina, proper functioning of the nervous system. It also helps to eliminate tension in any part of the body and helps you sleep properly  

What you need to start?

Though yoga involves the use of body and mind, they are basic equipment that you need to ensure that you perform the yoga routines properly. Here are some of them and their uses;

Yoga Mat: This is used as a platform to ensure the proper movement while you exercise

Yoga Pants: This is worn for every yoga session. It is stretchy and offers comfort, support, and freedom for every move you make during yoga sessions without fear of chaffing. It is a ‘must have’ to enjoy yoga.

Yoga Block: Yoga block provides additional support particularly to individuals who are performing stretching poses that they find difficult at the initial stage.  This enables you to develop flexibility within a short period.

Yoga Waist Trainers: This is a basic tool for waist training. It is usually worn as garment and helps to enhance the figure of a woman, keeps her waists small and makes her curvy hips more obvious.

Yoga Stretch Strap or Belt: This very useful while performing stretches with the hamstrings, it encourages flexibility within a short time.

You will also need well-fitted clothing in form leggings or yoga pants or loosed clothing as well as a good pair of trainers to provide balance for your feet. You will also need a water bottle to ensure you are hydrated all through the yoga sessions. Other yoga equipment includes yoga foam rollers, foot massage rollers, yoga beach towel, yoga pull rope resistance bands, yoga exercise balls, yoga fitness rope and lots more

Therefore, having gotten this information, get the required yoga equipment, enroll for a yoga class or get on with a yoga session, keep your body slim and fit, then enjoy the benefits that abound.

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